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Here’s a list of questions I’m frequently asked, with some helpful answers.

How long does piano tuning take?

On average, it will take about an hour. However, if your piano hasn’t been serviced in a long time, the tuning process may be a little longer.

Do you move pianos? If I want to move it to a different room, can you do that?

I’m not equipped to move your instrument. For that, I would highly recommend Ward’s Piano. They can help you find the right spot for your piano so that it’s a centerpiece of the room or move it to another location.

I have an old/antique piano. Can you refurbish or refinish it?

Yes, I can restore old pianos to their former glory. We will need to examine the piano and agree what you would like done so that I can give you an estimate.

How much is a piano tuning?

Tuning is $120.00  

Do you ever discount your services?

You will receive a reminder card in the mail on the 1 year anniversary of your tuning.  If you tune every year you will get a $20.00 discount bringing your tuning to $100.00.

Can you do same-day service?

On average, I would recommend booking at least a week or two in advance. The sooner, the better. However, if you need your piano fixed or tuned immediately (i.e., for church service or a professional recital), let me know the details, and I’ll try to work with you.

What payment options do you accept?

I accept cash or a check upon completion of the service.

For churches, or institutions I offer a 30-day payment period as often the person meeting me to get to the piano is not the same person that writes the check.

How can I control my piano’s climate? Is that necessary?

Overall, the more you can control the temperature and humidity around your instrument, the less problems it will have.  For problem areas I highly recommend the Dampp-Chaser Piano Climate control System. I’ve had excellent results with these and I install and service them too.

How do I know that my piano’s in tune?

The standard pitch for pianos is A-440. This means that the A above middle  C is tuned to 440 Hertz. All instruments are held to this standard, so an easy way to tell if your piano needs tuning is to check your A key against another instrument. If it sounds the same, you should be okay. If they seem different, then it’s probably time for a tuning.

Can you do voicing work when you tune my piano?

Yes, I can. However, since voicing your instrument takes time, please let me know in advance so that we can set aside enough time to handle both services at once. Also, since voicing is based on personal preference, you will have to be present to ensure that it sounds right to you.

How often should I have my piano tuned?

The frequency of tunings depends on how often you play. If you only break out your favorite songs once or twice a year, then a yearly tuning should be sufficient. If you play regularly, or you use your piano professionally, then you may want to have it tuned more often. We can schedule return visits to make it easier for you to keep up with tuning and maintenance.

What areas do you go to?

I service Asheville, Hendersonville and surrounding areas. Most of Buncombe & Henderson county and some of Polk county the Tryon & Landrum areas.

My piano has sticking keys, or pedals that don’t work can you fix that?

Yes, often they need small adjustments and if there are no broken parts there is usually no or very little additional cost when I am there tuning the piano.

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