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Bob Belmont 

Hi, I’m Bob,

I love two things – music and dogs. Admittedly, I love a few more things than that, but pianos and music are my passion. That’s why after 30 years, I still enjoy going out and tuning and repairing  these exquisite instruments.

A piano is special – it’s so much more elegant and refined than most other instruments. Not only that, but pianos can be multifaceted. You can use them for social gatherings or play along with your favorite music.

Because I’m passionate about my work, I take it seriously. That means that you can expect prompt, friendly, and professional service every time. Whether it’s a routine tuning or you want to refurbish an antique, I will handle each job with the same enthusiasm and efficiency.

When you call The Piano Doctor, you can expect me to show up on time and ready to go. I’m always respectful of everyone’s home, and I’ll make sure that everything is handled properly.

Since I’m a full-time piano specialist, I’m much more reliable and professional than other options out there. I work on pianos every day, meaning that I can take care of virtually any problem, big or small. I’ve worked with over 3,100 clients, so I’ve fixed, tuned and maintained all kinds of instruments.

Also, being a full-time technician means that I’m not looking to add unnecessary services or repairs. While I’m more than happy to do more to make your piano sound incredible, I’m not going to try and convince you to get something you don’t need.

I also love pets. I have a dog Laddie, and your pets are more than welcome around me while I’m working. I also love kids, so be sure to let the little ones see how your piano works.


This is Laddie with the cutest big ears.

Now playing with Russ Wilson’s Big Band

I like to keep busy.

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Now playing with Russ Wilson’s Big Band