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Piano Tuning & Repair

Michael Karkoski


Over 3,100 piano owners in WNC benefit regularly from my experience.


My Goal is to provide unmatched, comprehensive care in the tuning and maintenance of your piano.

Expect on-time, professional service and let me bring your piano to life.

If you have a piano, then you know that there’s nothing like being able to sit and play creating beautiful music.

Because of the complexity of pianos (they are big wooden machines with thousands of parts)  they require consistent upkeep and maintenance to ensure that they sound their best. Over time whether they are being played or not the constant humidity changes will expand and contract the piano causing to go out of tune.

Whether you’re a casual player with a piano in the home, a professional pianist who needs tuning before a big recital, concert or recording session or a place of worship that requires the piano to sound its best.

I’m the one to call.

I’ve been satisfying clients in Asheville and the surrounding area for decades. I’ve worked on antiques, brand-new pianos, spinets, consoles, baby grands – you name it. As long as it has keys and strings, I can make it sing. I can even tell you how old your piano is, as well as how it’s been played over the years.

The piano Doctor

Michael Karkoski

I work on all types of acoustic pianos: grands, uprights, consoles, spinets and antiques. I can also date and tell you the history of your piano.

I’ve been tuning and repairing pianos for over 30 years and have always had an interest in musical instruments.  I’ve been playing in local jazz bands and collecting guitars since I was a  kid and formerly owned a music store.

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What People Say

“Saved the Day!”

“For nearly ten years, I have relied on Bob Belmont for the care of my piano. He is far more than merely a piano “tuner”. Yes, he does that perfectly. In addition, he is knowledgeable and makes technical adjustments when necessary. He provided a Dampp-Chaser automatic humidity control unit, and he monitors that for me. I ask him to come every six months, and my Yamaha C3 Conservatory Grand is wonderful – it has been 37 years since I bought it, and it remains a delight. Additionally, I have asked Bob to tune several other pianos, when I have been asked to play for events in private homes. Some of those pianos have been victims of neglect, but Bob was able to “save the day” for me! I have been pleased to recommend him to others.”

– J. Battle Haslam MD, Asheville, NC

“Professional & Prompt”

Bob Belmont has tuned my piano (as well as my mother’s piano) for about ten years and I have only good things to say about him! Bob’s professionalism, his care of my piano, and his prompt dealings with me have made it a pleasure doing business with him. I am very pleased to have him as my piano tuner and would recommend him to anyone who cares enough to have a true professional care for their piano.”

– Kathy Penland, Candler, NC

“Highly Recommend”

“Bob has tuned my Baldwin baby grand piano for 12 years. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy, careful, and accurate. He organized the moving of my piano and its restoration. I highly recommend Bob’s work.”

– Linda Powell, Tryon, NC

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