The Piano Doctor            Bob Belmont
Full-Time Professional Piano Tuning and Repair


  • Do you move pianos?     No, I recommend Ward's Piano for all piano moving.

  • Do you install Dampp-Chaser Piano climate control systems?    Yes, I sell and service these systems and I am a long time "field expert" having installed many of these systems which can be very effective in "problem" locations.

  • Do you do piano refinishing and renovation?    Yes, this will be quoted by the extensiveness of the work required.

  • How long does a piano tuning take?    Approximately one hour.

  • How much does a piano tuning cost?  I am able to charge $90.00 for a piano tuning because I have enough business to schedule specific locations on a daily basis, keeping travel costs down.

  • How long will I need to book in advance?    At least a week, probably two.  If there is an immediate need for your church or your event, I will try to work with you.

  • What is your method of payment?    Cash or check at time of service.  Churches may send payment within 30 days.

To book an appointment, please call: (828) 749-2777 or email.
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